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A Unicorn Poo - Tire Sealant

A Unicorn Poo - Tire Sealant

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You’ve got OneWheel and tons of choices on how to ride it. We all need to depend on our tires holding air no matter the circumstances. 

When you put Unicorn Poo in your tire you are making the deliberate choice NOT to deal with pesky leaks and punctures on your ride. 

With a sparkle and a smell… it’s possible to see and smell your leak before it becomes an issue on your ride! 

And with the power to stop up to a 3/8” gash, you can ride with confidence knowing the Pop will stop the leak. 

This is one Poo you will not mind clogging your hole!! 

“This Unicorn Poo is the SHIT!” Is what we say about it. 

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