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“NimRODs” - Axle Reinforcement Kit

“NimRODs” - Axle Reinforcement Kit

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*disclaimer: it should go without saying that we are not responsible for improper install or any damage as a result of running the rods or the install of them, please watch the install video carefully before installing your Rods*

*Rod Install has changed slightly. The soft washer has been removed and you do not require the thermal paste although that will be kept in almost all packages moving forward*

What are “NimRODs”? 

Simply put, NimRODs are an “install at home” system for reinforcing the weak GT axle (but we have them for XR and Pint too) 

Easier to install than a tire, you simply drop your motor out like you’re doing a tire swap and use some thermal paste and assembly lube to get in. 

By reinforcing the axle of the GT you are protecting one of the most valuable and vulnerable portion of your OneWheel GT; The Axle


After seeing repeated axle breaks in similar places we dug DEEP into all models of onewheels and found some discrepancies we dislike and decided to do something about. 
While I suspect planned obsolescence is at work here, I have no means to try to improve the quality coming from the company, I can just help protect riders from what I believe are bad business practices in regards to a ridable electric board. 


*if you buy nimRODs your motor still has a chance to break. While these rods give you a far less chance of breaking an axle, we can only assume that it’s still possible to over do it. If your motor axle is bent, neither product will help recover it. If the axles are bent the rods cannot be installed. Convert to a Pint or XR hub and buy Bussin Caps* 

GT Axle: 

The wall thickness is only .055 thick. No wonder these things are breaking. The wall thickness is .090 on the regular portion of the axle.

You have lost 40% of the strength in the "O" area compared to the rest of the axle wall.

Add to that the added lengths;

  • .1 longer valve side
  • .015 longer

.015 thinner on the circumference of the GT stator than the XR who’s axle O Ring Depth was also 1/2 of the GT


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