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Mustache Rails XR - "XLXL" - Extra Low Angle Extra Long

Mustache Rails XR - "XLXL" - Extra Low Angle Extra Long

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Any Rails Ordered Will Ship by March 28th!!!  

XR, EXTRA LENGTH Mustache Rails!! - For 7" tires for XR and VESC builds


These rails have a 2 degree front and 4 degree rear angle with a 1/4" drop to compliment the curves of these rails which won Float Life Fest 5!


More than 100 riders are saying the same thing about mustache rails…


- they’re faster

- they’re stable

- they ride level

- out of the box improvement in ride

- they encourage you to explore more terrain

- they are the last rails you need for everything from street to mountain!!

Find out the buzz on mustache rails today!! 

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