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MOB “DRT” Tire for GT

MOB “DRT” Tire for GT

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PRESALE!!! Tires are expected to begin production in the next 30 days!! They will ship to dealers first and then will be first come first serve starting with customer pre orders.  If production begins in September we will expect to see our first batches arriving in October and delivering every 2 weeks as they are produced and QCed from the factory  

A true dirt tire is born. A year in the making… last September/October we started a GT tire design. We hesitated to do a preorder before we knew the tire was ready. Now that we’re here we are excited to show you what we’ve been up to!

For the first time, OneWheel has a true dirt treaded tire. The “DRT”, which stands for “Dirt Ready Tread” or “Dirt Riding Tread” is the first OneWheel GT tire designed for riding dirty! 

At 11.25x6.25-6.5, we’ve found the golden zone of stability and maneuverability  On top of that the tread pattern really helps eliminate surface instability and offers one of the best rides possible on a 6.5” tire. 

The tire currently fits the OneWheel GT 6.5” diameter hub. The 6.5 is the first of its kind and onewheels attempt to control the tire market. 

Since both of the tires they created aren’t great for the outstanding torque and performance we are seeing from the GT, we designed the DRT to be the first and last tire you ever wanna ride. 

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