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“Bussin Caps” - XR/Pint Motor Conversion to GT Axle Cap/Extender

“Bussin Caps” - XR/Pint Motor Conversion to GT Axle Cap/Extender

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If not in stock, they are available for preorder. We expect them to ship within 3 weeks of ordering if we do not have them in stock. We appreciate all your support. 

Bussin Caps, like all of our products is being done small batch. We are making them fast as we can but they are done locally by a machinist that has been working with the shop since last year. His work is all by hand and takes time, it will take a little time to get production overseas.

Why do you need “Bussin Caps”? 
You already broke your OneWheel GT axle and are looking to have the benefits and strengths of an older model motor. 

Please note that Pint Motors have the same inherent weaknesses as the GT does so we highly recommend NimRODs and RamRODs for greater strength. Both models are currently for sale. 

The issue is that the axles for both XR and Pint are much narrower side to side than the GT. Just adding a shim leaves the 4 axle bolts as the sole strength holding the rest of the chassis over the axle itself. That is a bad combo. 

“Bussin Caps” are good for to convert either an XR or Pint motor to the width of a GT. And as a second benefit you get a wide array of tires to choose from in the 6” model. 

You will need to modify the axle carriers for the GT before you can install the bussin caps into the GT axle carriers. The opening needs to be expanded. We can do this for you or exchange yours for modified ones for a small fee. 

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